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What we do.

The Raw Soap Company was created in 2014, born from the vision to sustainably use milk from our herd of Anglo-Nubian goats. In addition to drinking the milk daily and making cheeses for our family, the ever increasingly talked about benefits of goats milk soap soon filled our imagination. When combined with locally produced oils and botanicals, we realised we could turn this beautifully creamy milk into high quality soaps, that not only are completely natural, but also support the rural businesses that help supply us. 

We are based across two locations, in East Sussex where the goats live and in Bristol, where our soap studio is.

Our small herd of goats browse in the sunshine on our chemical free, herb rich pastures, producing the creamiest and happiest milk, which we use as the basis for all of our traditional cold-process soaps.

We hope you will enjoy our soaps as much as we do!

Our ethos: Local, Natural and Raw. 

For all of our goat milk soaps, we source ingredients as locally to us as possible; we do not use oils or botanicals imported from outside of the UK. This is fundamental to our business ethics, helping us support other independent, UK producers whilst keeping our environmental impacts to a minimum.

In addition to using only local ingredients, these are all natural and in their raw forms, where nothing has been chemically processed prior to it's use in our soaps. The only exception is the lye, a reagent key to the traditional cold-process methods we use, however this is no longer present in the final product after the curing process has completed. 

Our shampoo bars are handcrafted in small batches using gentle surfactants. They are enriched with Organic Argan Oil to moisturise hair without leaving it greasy or dry. We are pleased to be working with Arganic who are entirely transparent about the production of their argan oil, this is very important to us given that it grown and produced outside of the UK; we feel the benefit of switching to a plastic-free shampoo justifies our decision to support non-UK farmers. 

Who we are.

We have a big team for a small business, but that’s only if you count our four-legged helpers...

The Goats

We started our herd of Anglo-Nubians with just two goats, Puck and Nancy and are now up to eighteen! Our milkers currently include Alice, Mary, Nancy, Lily and Ivy.


Amy makes all of our soap using traditional cold-process methods. After completing her degree in Veterinary Biosciences, she wanted to combine her scientific interests and skills with her passion for sustainable farming practices. Making soap with milk from the family’s herd of Anglo-Nubian goats was the perfect place to start. She very much enjoys all aspects of the process, from kidding to milking, to formulating recipes and experimenting, through to testing on her very willing friends!



Jim works full time on the business and is a Chemical Engineering graduate with a keen interest in sustainable technologies. He uses his engineering knowledge to optimise the soap-making process, ensuring the product is of consistently high quality and with minimum wastage. 



Simone is an experienced shepherd/goatherd and manages all the livestock on our smallholding. When she is not milking she is tending to our Badger Face Welsh Mountain sheep and Saddleback pigs. Of course, she is chief goat cuddler and knows about everyone’s naughty habits!


Peter prints all of our packaging using traditional Lithographic and Letterpress methods. When he’s not printing he’s usually working in the garden.