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Printing and Packaging.

Our packaging is designed, printed and assembled by ourselves. We employ traditional lithographic print methods, on a Heidelberg GTO printing press. This gives a superior finish and wonderfully crisp image, that even the best inkjet printers cannot achieve. We use high quality recycled papers and also waste paper which would otherwise be recycled.

Each bar is neatly wrapped in recycled acid-free tissue paper and finished with our signature band. They are a mini piece of original art!

Using the same Heidelberg Platen our family acquired in 1952, we letterpress print all of our paper bags for markets. Each print is perfectly crisp and original; varying slightly with ink and impression, but that's part of the magic! 

Keeping these traditional methods of printing alive is something we hope to achieve by continuing to use and promote them. 


Heidelberg GTO: lithographically printing our soap packaging 
Heidelberg Platen: letterpress printing our paper bags