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You can trust us!

We are proud members of the Guild of Craft Soap and Toiletry Makers

This assures you that our soaps have been approved by a registered cosmetic safety assessor, we hold all the necessary up-to-date documentation for them and we are insured.

This gives you peace of mind, buying quality products which adhere to strict legal standards.



Tobacco Factory Market

The Tobacco Factory Sunday Market is a bustling market held every Sunday in South Bristol. It's our local, and we love it! You can find us there on the last Sunday of every month alongside some amazing independents - always great food, local fresh produce and beautiful handcrafted items. Come say hi! 


Our logo is based on our milking goat Nancy, Amy originally illustrated Nancy using inks and later a lino cut. This was then further refined into a black and white illustration for our packaging. 

Jake Tyler, a graphic designer, sign painter and master of all things hand lettered designed our beautiful writing. Together, their collaboration has resulted in a delicate logo, done by hand - the old-fashioned way.

You can check out more of Jake's work on his website or get in touch via email,



British Goat Society  

All of our goats are pedigree registered Anglo-Nubians with the British Goat Society. Anglo-Nubians are british bred but originate from a cross between high yielding milkers and goats found in the Middle East and North Africa. Thats why they have such lovely big lop-ears, helping cool them down and allowing them to adapt to a variety of climates. They also have characteristic 'Roman' noses. 

When compared to other breeds their milk is exceptionally high in butterfat and protein. Making our soaps intensively moisturising with rich and creamy lathers.