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Handcrafted Storm-Felled Wooden Soap Deck

Handcrafted Storm-Felled Wooden Soap Deck


A soap deck handcrafted from storm-felled English cherry or elm and finished using a beeswax polish. 

Soap decks are a great way to keep your handmade soap free-draining and prolonging its life. We have designed ours so that water can run freely away and enable the soap to be elevated, ensuring good airflow and drying between use.

These soap decks are handcrafted from a completely sustainable and local source of timber.

We gather storm-felled trees and hand-spilt each log into planks, ready to be turned into a beautiful soap deck. Elm is naturally a darker wood and very dense, while cherry has a rich grain with pinkish tones. 

As this is a natural product some slight discolouration to the soap decks surface after contact with soap may occur. This is a natural process and happens due to the presence of saps and oils stored in the wood.

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