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Chanchal's Q Star

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Hooray! Chanchal has been awarded her 'Q Star' after attending the South of England Show. Well done Chanchal and Simone! 

A star and a Q Star are awards given to female goats that have achieved the minimum number of points in a milking competition. 

Both are awarded by the British Goat Society following two successful milkings (am and pm), assessing and then point scoring milk on quantity and quality - butterfat and protein. 

A star may be awarded when 18 points are achieved and the butterfat content is not less than 3.23% at each milking. A Q Star may be awarded when 20 points are achieved, butter fat is not less than 4%, and not less than 4.5kg across two milking’s for a goat who has kidded less than 365 days, or 4kg for a goat who has kidded more than 365 days prior to the competition. 

Anglo-Nubians tend to have the highest of butterfat contents (~4%) but don’t typically produce as much milk as other British goat breeds, so they can get their points in here! Chanchal’s peak butterfat was 5.36% and peak protein 3.85%. This was super! Her varied and high quality diet helps her get superior milk quality, which makes for some pretty special soap. 

To celebrate she’s been helping prune the rose bush with her daughter Daldinia, and they insisted we give away two soapy bundles, one for you and one for your friend! 

Each bundle contains any full two sized soaps, three mini soaps, a handcrafted elm soap deck, two organic muslin facecloths and a screen printed cotton tote bag 🐐💫 

To enter head to our Instagram for full details, keeping your eye out for Chanchal pruning the roses and her prizes!


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