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Printing our paper bags: letterpress

Probably one of the most exciting things in our soap adventure so far has been the printing of our recycled paper bags which we use at all the markets we attend. This might not initially sound terribly exciting for everyone, but these aren’t just your ordinary paper bags…

Our family have been traditional printers since 1924 when they founded The Mayfield Press. Amy's great grandfather, (Henry senior) printed originally on an Albion printing press, then his son later acquired a Heidelberg Platen in 1952, which Amy's father, Peter, still has. From time to time we fire up the Heidelberg, so when we were deciding on bags for our market it was the perfect opportunity to give her a run! Amy was so excited by the thought of using the very same machine as her grandfather had used some 50 years ago.

Henry senior, founder of The Mayfield Press

The beautiful thing about letterpress is that no two prints are exactly the same, varying with ink and impression; each bag is little piece of original art.

The Heidelberg Platen at the press today

Printing our bags and Kevin - our very helpful/unhelpful print assistant

We have absolutely loved being able to keep this traditional form of printing alive and hope through using it in our small business we can help to promote it for other small scale artisans, designers and printers.



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