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Organic Cotton: Why we support it and how

Here at The Raw Soap Company we believe it is very important to support other ethically minded businesses. It is so important to us to know the origin of everything we work with.

We realised that at the heart of any good cleansing routine is a great natural product but also the tools to go with it. As far as we are concerned, the less fuss the better! So, we decided to work with The Organic Textile Company, a small, family business who work alongside organic cotton farmers and weavers.

Our 100% organic cotton muslin face cloths are sustainably sourced, ethically produced, re-usable and biodegradable! They are very gentle and kind to the skin, perfect for carefully removing any soapy-residues from around delicate areas, like the eyes.

They are made from GOTS certified cotton and manufactured by a co-operative group in Kerela, who through their work are supported by a small charity called Loom.

We asked Phil Wheeler, founder of The Organic Textile Company why he chose to go organic and the impacts conventional cotton farming has.

“The Organic Textile Company began around 2004. We have been selling fabrics for 35 years but only realised around 2004 just how much damage traditional cotton farming methods have. To be frank, it kills lots of people who have to work with lethal chemicals. Farmers who are trapped in a dependency on inputs of chemicals are never going to be able to escape poverty. Can you believe that in India alone 20,000 have committed suicide in the last 16 years - I HAVEN’T ADDED ACCIDENTAL NOUGHTS THERE!!

So, we began in a small way to weave our own fabrics made from organic cotton and our small company has grown and grown; now we employ four people in the UK and many more in India.

Most of all we really enjoy the creation of new innovative textiles and the knowledge that it brings safe employment to people and happiness to our customers.”

Phil Wheeler, The Organic Textile Company

Through buying organic cotton we can support higher standards of sustainable farming methods and ensure a fairtrade premium has been paid to the farmer/producer. The use of harmful pesticides and fertilisers is prohibited – supporting the good health of workers, locals, animals and the environment.

Find out more about the benefits of organic cotton from the Soil Association and see their infographic below.

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