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Bristol's Big Green Week

Bristol’s Big Green Week runs from 11th – 19th June. To show our commitment to sustainability, and support a greener Bristol we’re offering free cycling delivery within the city centre and surrounding areas all week long!

If you live within a 5 mile radius of our soap kitchen HQ (located in Windmill Hill) then you’re eligible to get involved. 

Simply enter the code ‘BIGGREENWEEK’ at the check out. 

There are so many great events going on throughout the week around the city, ensure you get out there and get involved in how we can make small changes which make big differences!

Some things to mention/boring T&C’s

1.) We’ll do our very best to get your delivery out to you on the same day, depending on how much cycling we are doing

2.) We’ll notify you when we expect to deliver, either through email or telephone, depending on how you wish to be contacted

3.) If you live too far away for us and have cheekily used the code then we’ll let you know and we’ll arrange an alternative delivery method (we will try our best to keep it as green as possible) :) 

4.) Cycling delivery between 11th – 19th June 2016 only - for now! 


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